Holiday Resorts where you may be free from clothes

Clothes Free – a Holiday Choice

Being clothes free is not compulsory, but a preference that many tourists choose. Here we have a collection of holiday resort destinations where you may be free from clothes some or all of the time.

What are Clothes Free Holidays?

Clothes Free Holidays means that when you rise in the morning, take to the beach or go for a swim, you are not necessarily required to wear clothes and so may be clothes free. Clothes free in this sense, includes swimwear, bikinis shorts or trunks.

Are There Any Clothing Rules?

The only requirement to be fully clothes-free is normally in the resort’s private pools or sunbathing areas. Beaches are public and are normally mixed with both clothed and clothe-free visitors, depending on the location.

Are There Any Restrictions?

This varies from resort to resort. At many resorts, restaurants and hotel facilities require patrons to be clothed and to be clothed in certain areas or at certain times. At some resorts you may be clothes-free all of the time if you so choose although very few visitors actually do so mainly for reasons of temperature in the cooler evenings and for convenience when entering public space.